Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Rated for Virtual Console

A few months ago, Square-Enix filed a trademark to refresh the Mystic Quest Legend (the European title for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest) name in Europe. And while it seemed quite obvious what it was pointing towards, now we are pretty much 99% sure Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is heading to the Virtual Console.

The Australian Rating Classification board rated and approved the title. All Virtual Console titles in Australia are listed as Nintendo as the publisher, and Mystic Quest Legend is no different.

(Source: Siliconera)

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Rated for Virtual Console”

  1. This game was so bad it was good in my childhood. Not to mention having puzzle-solving akin to Final Fantasy Legend (Seiken Densetsu whatever). I was more into platformers as a kid, but I still enjoyed this game.

    Can’t recall ever beating it, though…

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