Final Fantasy XIV Delayed on PS3; PC Launch Details

Those planning on getting Final Fantasy XIV on PC, rejoice! Those who are planning on getting the PS3 version, be sad.  Final Fantasy XIV is launching this September on PC. On the other hand,The PlayStation 3 version has been delayed until March 2011. But those looking to pick up the PC version are in for quite a treat. Square-Enix announced details on both the standard and collectors edition versions.

The standard edition is what it is called, very standard. The pricing is pretty standard too, hitting the normal PC price of $49.99. But if you pre-order the standard edition, you get some coolio in-game goggles, which you can find after the jump.  The Standard Edition launches September 30th.

The collector’s edition, on the other hand, is very collectorsish. It includes a behind the scenes DVD, a travel journal, a Right of Passage certificate, a Final Fantasy XIV branded security token,  30 days free online play, and a buddy ticket to invite a friend to play online for free for a limited time.  The collector’s edition also has a lovely box art with art by Yoshitaka Amano, who has done art for almost every past Final Fantasy.The collectors edition will also be available 8 days earlier then the standard edition, so September 22nd. And if you pre-order the collector’s edition, you get yourself the Onion Cap in-game item(although I think the special effect of the standard edition’s in-game item is better.) All of that for only $74.99.

But no matter what version you play, one thing will be the same: the monthly fee. Final Fantasy XIV will run you $12.99 a month – the same as Final Fantasy XI’s monthly fee. Quite a hefty price. But considering the play time you will get out if it, it’s probably is worth it.

You can find images and some more in-depth details of most the items listed here after the jump. I also grabbed the beta’s system specs off the main website too. They should be fairly close to the final specs of the game.

(PS3 launch window: Siliconera)
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