Halo: Reach Limited Edition Console Bundle and Controller

Microsoft is giving both current Xbox 360 owners and new Xbox 360 owners some Halo: Reach hardware love with a new Limited Edition console and controller.

For those of you who don’t have a 360 or are looking to upgrade to the new model,  Microsoft is launching a Halo: Reach console bundle with a special limited edition silver Xbox 360. The console comes with a 250GB harddrive, built in wireless, two Limited Edition Halo: Reach wireless controllers,  and a standard edition copy of Halo: Reach for a lovely price of $399.99.

Already have a 360 but still want those fancy Limited Edition controllers? No problem! Microsoft will also be selling the limited edition controllers separately  for $59.99.  No game included, obviously. But already having a 360 opens you up to purchasing one of the many fine Halo: Reach Collector’s Editions Microsoft will be offering.

Both of these products will launch on September 14th, when Halo: Reach hits store shelves.  You can check out some nice fancy glamor shots for the new Xbox 360 and controller after the jump.

(Controller Details Source: E4G)
(Console Details: Major Nelson’s Blog)

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