Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Direct-Feed E3 2010 Trailer

Square Enix always seems to wait till weeks after an event to finally put out Kingdom Hearts trailers for public viewing. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded had the same fate. Before it was handy cam footage, but now you can watch the whole thing without the noise of E3 muffling the sound.

Along with the release of the trailer, Square also confirmed a October 7th release for Japan. So if you can’t wait and are looking to import, there ya go.

I’ve never been a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, but it seems pretty ridiculous how much they reuse content. Sure they are different layouts, but it seems like they use the same Disney franchises over and over again. Although, to my understanding, the PlayStation Portable exclusive Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has a lot more new areas, so I’m kinda looking forward to that.

(Source: andriasang)

One thought on “Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Direct-Feed E3 2010 Trailer”

  1. This is going to be awesome! But I’d love to see the Wall-E and Toy Story universes in Kingdom Hearts, maybe in KH 3DS?

    1:40 reminds me of Metroid..

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