Mega Man Universe Detail Round-Up; Capcom Teasing Mega Man Legends 3 Again?

While this is a “detail round-up” for Mega Man Universe, there weren’t many details to round up aside from a trailer and a few tidbits that Inafune said about the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade title.

During Capcom’s panel, Keiji Inafune, creator of the Mega Man series, revealed the goal of the title. “Everyone has their own perception of what Mega Man is. Our feelings in making this game is a platform in that people can play as their favorite Mega Man, or their favorite character, to encourage imaginative play with this game.” He also commented, “The goal is to have Mega Man fans unite together in one place,” which may suggest the title may be an online title.

While Capcom has revealed the title, Inafune said it will be some time till it will actually release. So we will have to be patient. In the mean time, check out the Mega Man Universe teaser trailer after the jump.

But that wasn’t all Keiji Inafune talked about at Comic-Con. He revealed that many more Mega Man announcements were in store including a “oft-requested thing.

While that could be many titles, the most likely seems like another entry in the Mega Man Legends series, which ended on a cliff hanger ten years ago.  But even if its not Mega Man Legends 3, I’m sure it will be something worth getting excited for.

(Source: ProtoDude’s Rockman Corner)

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