Nintendo price announcement round up

Two big happenings in the world of Nintendo 3DS price news. Nintendo has confirmed that they are going to be announcing the price and date of release for Japan on September 29th. There was also some news that came out of Nintendo Europe that said the price should fit with the current set of the DSi for 130 pounds and the 160 pound DSiXL. Your guess is as good as mine but for my money that would put the 3DS at around 200 pounds. Lets hope that this isn’t true because that would place the 3DS at around 300 dollars US.

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  1. Uh oh… I was hoping that the 3ds wouldn’t be any more than the 1st price of the Wii when it was released… If that’s so, I probably won’t get it for Christmas or at least with a few games. *hopes she gets a lot of money to buy the games so I can get the 3ds*

  2. We do NOT need to pay $300 American $ for something that break easily. *Looks at my white DSLite*
    Besides, a lot of people are going to buy it, why turn people off? (Quick buck stealers…Should do something more useful/productive *coughmotherandearthboundondssoidonthavetoplaytheillegal”e”cough*)

      1. I don’t know what you’re talkin’ ’bout either, Phantom. Granted, I never upgraded to the Lite anyway and just skipped it into the DSi, but my DSPhat lasted many, many years and several moves.
        Nintendo makes all of their first party products out of Nintendium, so even none of my -styluses-…styli? Whatever, none of those broke either. Even all of my original Wii wriststraps are still in strapping good condition (har).
        To be honest, the only Nintendo devices I’ve ever had break on me were entirely my fault. The first, when I was too young to remember and have only been told by family of this occurring, was an NES which I decided was hungry and thus fed it a sandwich.
        The second is a classic GameBoy which was ruefully dropping into water. The game that was in it (Donkey Kong Something) survived, ironically.
        Also, I’ve had a Pokemon cart that was eaten by my dog, and another one that some sort of goo from the bottom of my backpack seeped into. These were Yellow and Gold, respectively.

        Back on Topic!: $300 would be pretty steep for a handheld for me nowadays. Granted, I think the PSP was very near to that price range when it release so it’s probably not a problem for some people. I just don’t like the thought of something -that- expensive and easily sat-upon.

        1. I had a lot of close calls when it accidently falls to the ground. But the FIRST thing that always break is the thing that doesn’t hold up the Top DS part anymore(probably called a hinge) My white DSLite broke… a year or two ago. Maybe i’m unlucky because it ALWAYS happen to me or maybe you’re right, it was probably my fault.

          Still saying that paying $300 will ruin it for others…. >.>;

  3. Now that I think about it, the release of a newer system that plays the old system’s games is liable to reduce the price of the previous systems. I think that the DSi/XL will get a price drop either shortly before or shortly after the 3DS is released. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that the Big N will announce a price drop when they announce the price of the 3DS. That’s where my money is.

  4. If we were talking straight conversions, the DSi XL being 160 pounds would make it about $250 in the US. However, it’s actually $190. The regular DSi is 130 pounds, which goes to about $205 while the actual US price is $170, a difference of $35. Following that pattern, I’d say the 3DS will be $200 at the most, and even then I’m expecting a price drop on the DSi XL when it comes.

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