Official Word on The Last Story’s Localization Later this Year

The Last Story got its first trailer recently, and it looked pretty awesome. Mistwalker opened up to talking to fans of various regions about the title on their official twitter account.

When asked about the localization, they revealed that we will know for sure what will be happening with the localization “by the end of this year.” So, no confirmation. But there is still hope.

Its hard to tell what Nintendo of America and Europe plan on doing. Mist Walker’s last RPG published by Nintendo, ASH: Archaic Sealed Heart, never reached North American or European shores, but there seems to be a bit more hype behind The Last Story.

The title is set for 2010 in Japan. Cross your fingers that we hear something at a possible Fall conference.

(Source: GoNintendo)
(Image Source: andriasang)

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