Pokemon Video Chat demo

The upcoming Pokemon Black and White has already been revealed to have a slew of online and ad hoc features. One of these being video chat with up to 4 people on a DSi. The Japanese morning show Pokemon Sunday showed it off on their last episode. You can check the video after the jump.

6 thoughts on “Pokemon Video Chat demo”

    1. For some reason, I can also think that this is a dating thing xD

      “I met with my boyfriend/girlfriend by playing Pokemon. We we’re batting and we trade Legendaries with each other :O

      Or as you say, Soccer Mom problems:

      *Kid playing Pokemon*
      Mom: What are you doing?
      Kid: Seening this girl battling with me. I think she has a chest like yours! :O
      Mom: What are you talking about *stands next to her son and sees a hot 20 year old chick* O.O
      —-> D:<
      Mom: Get off, NOW
      Kid: But Mom…. 🙁
      *Mom, turns it off and then gives lectures then she call other people and then call Nintendo*

      Nintendo: Hello, how may I help you?
      Mom: *gets angry and swears* There should NOT be allowed use video chats, think about the children!
      *Teens and Adults that like Pokemon says Hi*
      Nintendo: Rated E for Everyone, sorry.
      *Click….Beep, beep*
      That's not fair, i'm suing Nintendo! Dx

        1. Who says parents pay attention to that? (Some do, some don’t) xD
          But more people/parents need to pay attention to that more often because I bet that seriously gets annoying have people calling them and swearing at them just because it’s optional and it’s for EVERYONE not just kids, Adults and Teens too.

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