Pokemon video chat in Black and White as well as other features

The most suprising of the details recently leaked from the scans on Serribii is the inclusion of video chat. Up to 4 people can video chat during battle locally, which makes no sense to me, and 2 through Wi-Fi. There are also more interesting features such as “High Link” mode and a “Pass by” mode. “Pass By” sounds similar to the tag mode in Dragon Quest 9 while the “High Link” mode seems to be an improved co-op mode. Allowing for people to traverse an over world together and take on missions.

(Source: 1up.com)

5 thoughts on “Pokemon video chat in Black and White as well as other features”

  1. Video chat? More like Pedobear chat. You know this is gonna raise some brows when news of this gets out to all the soccer moms in America.

    The co-op modes sound really cool though.

  2. Am I the only one who really hates voice chat through wi-fi? I always turn it off, but once, during a trade, someone meowed at me and said they were going to eat my soul via the Teddiursa I was getting. >.>

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