Resident Evil 5 Getting PlayStation Move Support this September

PlayStation Move is launching this September. And while there will be plenty of companies pumping out casual party games right from the start, Capcom will be gearing up their 2009 hit Resident Evil 5 for the new controller.

Players will be able to get PlayStation Move support for Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition absolutely free. Options for those who own the original copy haven’t been detailed yet.

The title was originally shown using PlayStation Move back during Tokyo Game Show 2009. If you are familiar with Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, then you know what to expect out of the PlayStation Move version.

(Source: andriasang)

3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Getting PlayStation Move Support this September”

  1. Couldn’t they just go and make Resident Evil 5 Wii edition? Anyway, I think that this whole motion control craze is getting over done. RE5 with move…it’s gonna be RE4 Wii edition for PS3…

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