Sketchin’!! – Oink.

Hey there! Just reminding you all to VOTE VOTE VOTE! C’MON! VOTE FOR ACT TODAY IN THE PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT! Their current standing is 12th place, and I know we can do better than that! Also, get everyone you know to vote! I uploaded this wallpaper to my DeviantArt account and encouraged all viewers to vote, but I can’t single-handedly win this. Let’s do this!

Want the full wallpaper? Go here! Sorry, but that’s the only resolution I made. I was in a rush to finish this before the Summer of Zelda began.

Also, I’ve decided to try to update DAILY to remind everyone to vote! I’d also really like to reward you all for every day ACT Today is in 1st place. What kind of rewards would you like to see? ‘Cause I’ll do everything in my power to get it to you!

8 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – Oink.”

  1. I would say Zelda Themed art would be a good start. Also, ever heard of “Christmas in July?” How about an “OILD In July” in dedication to those frozen levels in the Zelda series.

    And not to nitpick, but the forum has been going crazy about the ranking. Apparently the rankings are based on first vote time stamps for the first 48 hours. So Saturday we’ll see where we realy are. VOTE ANYWAY.

  2. A whole slew of Zelda desktops would be AMAZING! But we don’t want you working your fingers to the bone, lady, so don’t feel like you have to go completely overboard.

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