Summer of Zelda – Bully & Friend

Hey gang! Did you vote for ACT Today on the Pepsi Refresh Project today? WELL GET ON IT IF YOU HAVEN’T! And to help remind you, here’s a sketch and icon of that silly duo, enigmatically named “Bully and Friend.”

When Link first ventured into the Dark World, he found out that the world’s evil power turned people into weird beasts based on their own emotional baggage. His first encounter was with a weird orange ogre-thing and his squishy, spherical friend. The little ball told Link about the Dark World and added that he was so indecisive as a human that he didn’t even get a defined form in this weird dimension. The “bully” would often chase him around and take advantage of his round shape by kicking him around like a soccer ball. Despite this, he never stops making a ^_^ face… so maybe he likes it? I don’t know. After Ganon is defeated, you get a final glimpse of these guys after they’ve regained their human forms. The ending states that the “bully makes a friend” so I guess not-Kirby has no hard feelings about being punted around.

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