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Ok, so Kairamek had a nice idea of having a kind of “Obligatory Ice Level Day in July” for Summer of Zelda. Unfortunately I won’t have enough time to properly draw any Zelda ice levels, so I figured to do the next-best thing; I’ll profile some awesome Zelda characters/bosses! Bear with me because I’m kind of doing this on the spot, so I can’t be nearly as thorough as I was with OILD. But it’ll still be fun, right? I’ll upload new sketches daily, and additionally, the thumbnails for these posts double as nice little LJ/forum icons! Feel free to use them! Hopefully you can use them as nice little ice breakers to link people to TSG’s site and explain Summer of Zelda and ACT Today’s entry into the Pepsi Refresh Project. Speaking of which, GO VOTE FOR ACT TODAY RIGHT NOW! And get everyone else to do the same! That said, here’s our first profile: that smoke-disliking dinosaur-creature, DODONGO…

“DODONGO DISLIKES SMOKE,” jabbers the old man in the original Legend of Zelda. “THAT MOSTLY SOUNDS LIKE NONSENSE,” said any kid playing the original Legend of Zelda. But it’s true, Dodongo does dislike smoke. Or rather, he dislikes eating lit bombs and having them explode in his stomach. But then again, don’t we all?

Dodongos have been in a ton of Zelda games, and they’re pretty similar throughout the series. They have armored hides, so most of your weaponry isn’t going to work. But stuff an explosive down their gullets and KA-BOOM, no more monstersaurus. In some games, Dodongos have a weak point on their tails too, so if you’re out of bombs, just run around them and attack there. In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of seasons, Link could even befriend a cute little Dodongo named Dimitri. However, unlike his vicious cousins, he was a river creature, and could cross water easily. Other variants include the gigantic King Dodongo boss from Ocarina of Time, the Dodongo Snakes in Link’s Awakening, and the tiny Kodongos in A Link to the Past.

Remember, when the Pepsi Refresh votes are properly tallied, I’ll try to give you a new Zelda-themed wallpaper for every day ACT Today hits the #1 spot. I’m HOPING I can upload those wallpapers the same day. I’m doing a few non-TSG-related things too though, so please forgive me if I’m occasionally a little late with the wallpapers. But hey, it’ll be worth it if ACT Today reaches the top, you know?

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  1. I think that raising money for Autism treatment/research is a WONDERFUL idea. Spectacular even. But my only problem is that ACT Today is focusing solely on military families, whereas Autism is a GLOBAL disorder that knows no boundaries. I personally am affected by an autistic disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and it’s made my social life a nightmare, not to mention my school life too.

    I would happily donate if the cause were to fund general research/treatment for people and families affected by Autism and its associated disorders. However, I think the focus here is too narrow-minded. As I said earlier, Autism and Autistic Disorders aren’t found solely in Military families, but in ANY kind of family around the world.

    While I harbor deep love for Zelda, I am somewhat annoyed that you guys are using it as a tool to promote a very narrow-mindedly focused charity. I would prefer to see Zelda used as a means to promote Autism research/treatment charity, IN GENERAL, not just focusing on those who we think need it the most or who in our opinions are the most deserving of the money.

    The biggest problem with Autism is that it isn’t a singular disorder, it’s a apectrum of disorders. Not only that, but it usually is accompanied by other disorders such as ADHD, Depression, Dyslexia, etc. Making it harder to pinpoint the root causes of the disorder and the root symptoms of it.

    Anyways, thats my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree.

    1. I disagree because you are mistaken. From “MISSION
      ACT Today! is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide funding and support to families that cannot afford the treatments their autistic children need to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to introduce and help facilitate early and on-going treatment by providing the necessary resources (including referrals, funding and guidance) to individuals with autism and their families.”

      The Pepsi Refresh Grant is being earmarked for military families. They do the same job for more than military families with the money we donate.

      1. well my feeling is that if your goal is to support people and families with Autism who can’t afford it, then say that outright. If that’s your goal, pursue it FULLY, don’t pursue only bits and pieces of it. “ACT Today! for Military Families” will provide $5,000 grants to military children with autism for therapy and other family supports. That to me is saying that their goal is not to help people with Autism in general, but rather to support those who are part of Military families who are Autistic.

        I just think that if they’re going to say that their goal is to help individuals and families with Autism who can’t support themselves, then they don’t need to go and say that their grant request is for Military families ONLY.

        Also, I looked through the Pepsi Refresh Grant website, and NOWHERE do they specify that their grant is for Military families only. In fact they say that ANYONE can apply for it, with ANY kind of charitable idea, it just has to be based in the US and be for something in the US. Meaning that Act Today did not have to say they wanted to raise money specifically for military families, but they did it anyways.

        1. Yes. THIS grant is earmarked for Military Families. ACT Today *as a whole* does not limit their support to Military Families only. Your postings indicate to me that you think ACT Today only supports Military Families. That is not true.

          Translation: The Pepsi Refresh grant will provide 50 military families with $5k grants to help raise their autistic children.
          The money TSG raised during the Mario Marathon will supply 11.5 grants of $5k to *any qualify family* who apply for it. Military is not a qualification for that money.

          Analogy: Your argument is akin to say you don’t support a grant that will fund refurbishment of the chemestry lab of a high school because schools are supposed to give a well rounded education, and refurbishing the the chemestry lab will not assist physics or mathematics, let alone the social sciences.

  2. From the Pepsi Refresh grant site:

    “* Fund therapy for military children with autism through grants.
    * Raise $850,000 to distribute in grants
    * Create awareness that military children need more access to treatment.
    * Help children like the ones below get the treatment they need.”

    From the ACT Today site:

    “ACT Today! is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide funding and support to families that cannot afford the treatments their autistic children need to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to introduce and help facilitate early and on-going treatment by providing the necessary resources (including referrals, funding and guidance) to individuals with autism and their families.”

    Clearly the organization helps all families anyway, but the Pepsi grant in particular is for military families. Yes, the group works with non-military families, but the grant is funding a specific subset of families. It’s not like voting for this idea is going to take money away from the non-military families they help. They’re helping them already. This grant is just MORE money to help a certain group.

    1. If anything it will help non-military families because military families already have a larger pool of money to pull from before tapping into the non-grant money.

      For example, TSG’s donation gave them 11 full grants to give. If 13 families apply, then two go without. But if they win the Pepsi grant, and 3 of those families are military, than all of them get money, and there is 1 grant left over for another non-military family.

  3. Nice drawing Anna! I always found them to be cute in a weird way lol As for the cause, Autism is a disorder with a huge spectrum where some kids arent even diagnosed correctly because their situation can be so difficult to determine. In my opinion, its really difficult to raise money to do research IN GENERAL because its such a complex and varied disorder, You have to be specific as to who and what kind you are going to raise money to.

    I agree with Anna in this case that the Pepsi grant is very specific but after looking at ACT todays website, you can see that they do donate to a lot of other families. Its almost like you have to tackle the problem one step at a time or bit by bit because for Autism, tackling it as a general problem would be a bit overwhelming/difficult.

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