Summer of Zelda – ERROR

Hey all! Time for your daily reminder to VOTE FOR ACT TODAY IN THE PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT! And to help me remind you, here’s ERROR, the oh-so-helpful NPC from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

One of the most baffling characters for new players, Error simply screams out “I AM ERROR” when you try to talk to him. The first time I ran into this guy, I thought my game was messed up. But no, turns out Error’s just one of those dudes who shouts out his name until you do a seemingly-unrelated task. In this case, Link had to find another guy named Bagu. Error will somehow know that Link found this guy, and will then tell him how to reach the Island Palace. YAY ERROR! And don’t forget, you can snag the thumbnail icon for your own blog/forum/whatever purposes as a way of reminding others to vote for ACT Today!

15 thoughts on “Summer of Zelda – ERROR”

  1. …why is it that only now did I get the idea to name video game characters after Error? I could be playing Shining Force with a protagonist named Error instead of… well, Weegee is still an awesome name, I suppose.

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