Summer of Zelda – Ezlo

So you’ve probably voted for ACT Today in the Pepsi thing, but have you gotten everyone to vote for them in the CHASE THING? I hope so! Let’s keep it up, people! AND NOW, FOR NO REASON AT ALL, EZLO!

Oh, Ezlo, I <3 you. Ezlo is talkin’ hat (not to be confused with the talkin’ boat) that Link found in the Minish Woods. He decided to team up with Link to defeat Vaati, and could shrink Link down to the size of a Minish to help him solve puzzles. Also he’s a bit of a jerk despite being a good guy. HMMM, GREEN BIRD-CREATURE-THING WHO IS SORT OF A JERK. EZLO, YOU’RE A HATBEAST AFTER MY OWN HEART.

10 thoughts on “Summer of Zelda – Ezlo”

  1. Another great character from Minish Cap. He kind of reminds me a bit from Falco from Star Fox…well besides the bird part…Anyway great job once again. I look forward to more great pieces of work.

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