Summer of Zelda – Midna

C’MON LET’S VOTE FOR ACT TODAY FOR THE PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT!! ALSO LET’S VOTE FOR ACT TODAY IN THE CHASE CONTEST. DO IT! NOW!! Rumor has it there’s some kind of “surprise” tonight, but I have no idea what it is. It’d better be good considering all the terrible jokes I put up with >(  ANYWAY here’s today’s character: MIDNA!

YAY MIDNA. Once again I’ve gravitated towards a jerk with a good heart. HEY I KNOW’S WHAT’S I LIKE’S. In Twilight Princess, Link is transformed into a wolf and imprisoned when Hyrule is cursed by twilight. Midna helps him escape and in return, Link has to help her find an artifact called the “Fused Shadows.” At first Midna spends most of her time teasing and insulting Link, but she grows fond of him when he and Zelda help her out.  Midna has a variety of abilities, including helping Link attack multiple enemies and teleportation. She’s actually a lot more powerful than she looks, too…

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      1. Link has always been left handed. That changed in the wii version of Twilight Princess so he would swing his sword with his right hand while you swung the remote with your right hand. So the Wii version is mirrored. Skyward Sword is also mirrored.

    1. I have to agree with this. I didn’t think about in my first post, but Midna is the only NPC I’ve ever been concerned about. To my mind all other NPC’s have been following a script. Most live, some die, but it’s always scripted. If it’s preventable death I can reload the save and try again. With Midna I was rushing to Zelda after the events following the Water Temple not to rush to the next part of the game, but because I didn’t know what the script of Twilight Princess had in store and I didn’t want Midna to die.

      So in short, I stopped thinking like a gamer and started thinking like a character and was actually concerned about the wellbeing of an NPC. That has only happened once, and this was the character.

  1. Midna, another one of my favorite characters. Like witht he King of Red Lions she always seemed a lot smarter than most of the characters in the game…well until she broke the mirror of course…

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