Summer of Zelda – Saria

HEY! LISTEN! You got to vote for ACT Today for the day! Get on this so we can win this! And hey, why not a profile while we’re at it? Today it’s that friendly Kokiri, Saria!

Yep, Saria. She debuted in Ocarina of Time, but she’s actually named after a town in Adventure of Link. The Kokiri race are unable to leave their forest, but Saria informs Link that he’s actually not a Kokiri at all and encourages him to go out into the world. She’s sad to see him go, but at the same time she knows she’ll see her childhood friend again. In reality, Saria is one of the seven Sages that must help Link defeat the evil Ganondorf, and she does just that at the end of the game. Her theme is “Saria’s Song,” and playing it on the ocarina will allow Link to talk to her and get information from her. The song’s reappeared in several Zelda games since.

11 thoughts on “Summer of Zelda – Saria”

  1. Well, canonically-speaking it’s more likely that the town in Adventure of Link was named after Saria! (It is a total retcon of course.) She is, after all, one of the seven Sages, and no matter what your theory is of a Link timeline, Adventure of Link clearly takes place well after Ocarina (since it’s some time after Ganon’s death).

  2. Stunning as always! Green hair never looked so good. But I wonder if Saria’s fairy pesters her as much as Navi pesters Link. “HEY LISTEN! You should go meet Link by the bridge. LISTEN! Use your powers to seal Ganon!”

    1. “HEY! LISTEN! Hey, hey, hey, HEY LISTEN! LISTEN! HEY! Hey, LISTEN! Listen, HEY! HEY! Listen, hey, hey, LISTEN!”


      “You can use that bridge to get across the river!”

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