Summer of Zelda Schedule

Here’s a tentative schedule for our Summer of Zelda. Commentary is very likely to change. We play from 5pm-8pm cst except on Sundays.

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July 1- Game:Zelda II Player: Sonic, Commentary: in house
2nd Game:Link to the past, Player: Gwellin, Commentary: in house
3rd Game:OOT, Player: Sonic62, Commentary: in house
4th- Break
5th Game:OOT part 2, Player: Sonic62, Commentary: Gwellin
6th Game:Majoras Mask Player:Kyle, Commentary: in house
7th Game:Majoras Mask part 2, Player:Kyle, Commentary: in house
8th Game:Windwaker, Player:Tyler, Commentary: in House
9th Game:Windwaker part 2, Player:Tyler, Commentary: in House
10th Game:Windwaker part 3, Player:Tyler, Commentary: in House
12th Game:Oracle of Ages, Player:Phil, Commentary:in house
13th Game: cdi Zelda’s, Player:Proton Jon Commentary: Proton Jon
14th Game: cdi Zelda’s, Player:Proton Jon Commentary: Proton Jon
15th Game:Oracle of Seasons,Player:Phil, Commentary: in house
16th Game: Twilight Princess , Player:Phil, Commentary: in house
17th Game:Twilight Princess part2, Player:Phil, Commentary: in house
19th a Link to the Past,Gwellin, In house
20th Game:Phantom Hourglass, Player: JaggerG, Commentary:In house
21st Game:Phantom Hourglass, Player: JaggerG, Commentary:In house
22nd Game:Majora’s Mask, Player: Zach, Commentary: in house
23rd Game:Majora’s Mask Part 2, Player: Zach, Commentary: in house
24th Game:Links awakening, Player: Baltes, Commentary: Baltes
26th Game:Link to the Past,Player:Gwellin racing PKGamer,Commentary: in house
27th Game:Minish cap, Player:local, Commentary: in house
28th Game:Cdi Zelda’s, Player: Phil, Commentary: in house
29th Game:4 swords, Player: Yuso and Jagger Commentary: in house
30th Game: Zelda II, Player: Britt, Commentary: in house
31st Game:4 swords, Players: in house, Commentary: in house

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  1. NOTE: Since ProtonJon is also doing CDi Zeldas, it is LIKELY that I will be doing some different CDi games later in the month, not just Zelda πŸ˜‰

    Busytown has had a long time to rebuild…

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