Summer of Zelda – The Owl

Well, I just voted for ACT Today! Did you? YOU BETTER RIGHT NOW! And to better motivate you, here’s today’s Zelda character: THE OWL!

So Link washes up on Koholint island, and a TALKIN’ OWL shows up and expresses concern that the Wind Fish is sleeping for all eternity. At first he doesn’t believe Link is real, but he’s convinced when Link retrieves one of the instruments needed to wake the Wind Fish. Every so often he’ll drop down from the sky and give some hints on what to do next, but usually it’s in the form of some riddle. Ocarina of Time also has a giant TALKIN’ OWL, but apparently it’s a different character. And here I thought it was meant to be the same owl.

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    1. I always wondered that myself. Maybe it’s not how many licks but how many Links it takes to get to the center, since he does appear in Four Swords Adventure. Although like said above it is technically a different owl.

      1. Generic Kid: Mr. Owl, how many Links does it take to get to the toosie roll center of a tootsie pop?
        Owl: One. To-who. Three.
        GK: And how many does it take to finally kill Ganon for real?
        Owl: Five.
        GK: But there are only four in Four Sword Adventure.
        Owl: I know.

  1. Majora’s Mask also had the owl, right? (the parallel-universe version of the Ocarina one obviously)

    Aren’t wisdom owls kind of a staple in Zelda games, actually?

    I never took the Link’s Awakening owl things as ‘riddles’ so much as half-remembered fragments as if in a dream, which made it even more awesome when I realized what was going on.

  2. first time its like “did u get all that?” and the arrow will be on the ‘no’. then its like “do you want me to repeat myself?” and the arrow will be on the ‘yes’ HES A **** FROM HELL!!! but if theres 1 good thing we have to say, it would just be his theme is kinda cool. and thats IT!

  3. The could be the same owl Ana. There is a theory that says Lord Jabu-Jabu from OoT is the Windfish from Link’s Awakening. The theory says that the reason Jabu-Jabu isn’t around in the adult time is because he flew away, just as the windfish flies, and that at some point in the future he is cursed into his eternal dream. His subconcious mind recognized a future Link, the one from LttP, as a hero blessed by the goddesses, and pulled him into the dream of Koholint in order to break the curse.

    This is the same theory that states WW reconned the Timeline so that LttP no longer occures in the same timeline as LoZ or LoZ:LA, and the reason Hyrule was such a devistated wasteland with no real towns is beacuse the Great Flood of WW had finally recieded and left nothing but destruction. And conversly, LttP’s Dark World elements cause it to be in the child timeline due to the similarity to Twilight Princess.

    I love the Zelda timeline/theories/interconnections. It’s a giant Gordian Knot of logic, inference, and epileptic trees.

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