Summer of Zelda – Vaati

HEY-O! I know you all have already voted for ACT Today, but this is just to post this art here after I’ve posted it to my DA gallery. REGARDLESS here’s today’s character: Vaati.

Oh yeah, Vaati. Vaati kidnapped Zelda in Four Swords, but in Four Swords Adventures, he was basically a pawn. Ganondorf tricked Link into picking up the Four Sword, thus cursing him and splitting him into four copies of himself. This also unsealed the evil Vaati, who also ran amok in Hyrule. Vaati’s known for having two main forms; a human one, and a giant cycloptic orb-thing. His origin story is explained The Minish Cap, but hey, I shouldn’t spoil it for you.

9 thoughts on “Summer of Zelda – Vaati”

  1. Awesome! Vaati has always been my favorite Zelda bad guy and character in general. Great job on the picture. This form of his I think is the coolest.

  2. I love this! Vaati is awesome. I like him almost as much as Ganon. I’d love to see him in a new Super Smash Bros. game. Minish Cap is also my favorite 2D Zelda game. Yes Toast, you are missing out.

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