Summer of Zelda – Harkinian

SO WHO HERE HAS VOTED FOR ACT TODAY ALREADY? YOU BETTER HAVE! Ok so… I don’t even know what to say about today’s character. Really. But I gotta. Here’s… Harkinian…

ProtonJon requested that I draw this nightmarish character from the CD-i Zelda games. And since I have a weakness for hilarious video game dorks, I complied. Seriously, if you don’t know who this character is, you’d best head over to Youtube and look at the cutscenes for those games. This dude is the king of… whatever. Is it even Hyrule in those? If it is then it’s a terrifying alternate dimension that no mortal mind can comprehend. The king says randomly ridiculous dialogue, serves no real purpose, and is animated in what I can only guess is MS Paint. That said, he is awesome. It’s as if the developers were oracles who predicted not only Youtube, but Youtube poops and internet culture in general, and designed the character entirely around that phenomenon. GO KING GO! BRING THE WORLD HAPPINESS THROUGH YOUR OWN MADNESS. Also I want to point out that I ended up spending more time on this picture than any of the other Summer of Zelda pictures thus far. Clearly I have made the right choice.

And since French Toast suggested it, here’s a much more disturbing alternate version, starring ProtonJon himself:


26 thoughts on “Summer of Zelda – Harkinian”

  1. After watching Faces of Evil, I had to watch the cut-scenes from Wand of Gamelon. Ugh, they aren’t any better. And then there’s Zelda’s Adventure… I mean, what the heck? WORST live action scenes, ever.

    That said, thanks, Jon, for bearing through that crap for us. 😀

  2. Wow, that is one truly amazing piece of art Ana!

    I would like to say thank you to Proton Jon, and Chris(I think his name was Chris?) for putting up with those awful games.

    …. and of course, the obligatory “MAH BOI” =)


    Both the lovingly-designed king and the CDi-appropriate Proton Jon are THE BEST. THE BEST!

    I seriously cannot get enough of this. You are so awesome.

  4. :D:D Wow!

    Ana, your artwork makes even the most ridiculous and hideous of characters into a masterpiece!!

    (And thank you to Toast for suggesting the ProtonJon insert… LOLOLOLOL!!!)

    And I was going to say something else…

    … what was it again…?

    Oh wait…

    MAH BOI!!

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