Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Screens Plus Minor Details

Super Street Fighter IV is finally hitting a Nintendo platform with Super Street Fighter IV 3DS. But exactly what kind of adaptation will it be? Capcom’s producer Yoshinori still seems to be pondering that himself. But with the title only at 10% completion, he has plenty of time to decide exactly where he wants to take the title.

Usually, this early in development, companies would keep a tight lip about the title. But Ono did spill some details on the title and some ideas they are considering for implementation.

As of right now, Ono seems to be leaning more towards preserving Super Street Fighter IV, rather than adding a bunch of new content. All 35 characters from the console release will appear, along with all the mechanics and moves from the console versions.

While Capcom will be making use of the 3D technology of the Nintendo 3DS, the development team won’t be adding the 3D effects into gameplay aspects of the title. Instead, the 3D will be reserved for visual effects.

But Ono is also looking into original content. Specifically, he mentions that he is looking into a way to use the touch screen for special moves. And while he says he still wants to make the title accessible, he has no plans on dumbing it down from the console release.

After the jump you can find yourself a good bit of Super Street Fighter IV screen shots from the Japanese website, along with a Famitsu scan for the title.

(Source: GoNintendo)

(Famirsu Scan: Nintendo Everything)

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