Arcade Version of Super Street Fighter IV Hints At Two More Characters

Super Street Fighter IV expanded the roster of Street Fighter IV by ten new characters, quite an impressive addition. But it looks like two more might still be on the way.

The arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV is nearing, and Capcom has been doing some location tests. While the new fighters have yet to appear, the character selection screen reveals two new blank spots in which they would probably find homes in.

To support this, a flyer was released for the arcade version that says “HERE COMES NEW CHALLENGERS!?” and across the text, in Japanese, it says “The Appearance of New Challengers!” Of course this could just be referring to the ten new characters already added.

So far, it seems like Capcom has prevented any leaks of who the characters actually are.  And if there are new characters, the question is if the console version will get them as well. With the ability to do downloadable content, I would be surprised if the characters didn’t show up on the home versions.

Hopefully we get some more solid details soon. You can check out the screenshot of the character selection screen with the two blank slots after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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