Tactics Ogre Remake Heading to PlayStation Portable

Square-Enix is revamping the SNES classic, or PS1 classic as we would know it in North America, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PlayStation Portable.

While few details were announced, some screenshots were released. And while I understand trying to preserve the original game, it does reminds me of the seemingly lazy visuals of the Final Fantasy Tactics release on the PSP. But Square-Enix could prove me wrong.

While no date or window was announced, the title has been confirmed for North America and Europe, so no worries about this title staying in Japan like the SNES original.

You can check the announcement screenshots and art after the jump.

5 thoughts on “Tactics Ogre Remake Heading to PlayStation Portable”

    1. I didn’t really find a slowdown with War of the Lions (though i don’t really care about that kind of thing)

      Also I was really excited when I found out about this earlier since I never really got to play the game before

      I also read that this is more of a re-imaging then a remake with some extra stuff put in
      and the new name is Wheel of Fate

        1. darn i think I liked Wheel of Fate bettern then Let Us Cling Together ohwell it doesn’t really matter that much anyways as long as we are getting this game

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