TSG Community comes through in the clutch

In a matter of 3 days our community was able to go from 10,000th place to 88th and win $20,000 for ACT Today in the Chase Community Giving contest.  We are proud to have such a caring and dedicated community that was able to rally together in such a short span of time. To date the TSG community has raised nearly $225,000 for various causes.  We’ve spanned lupus, cancer, autism, diabetes, the environment and now have our sights set on a new cause starting August 20th @6pm cst for our Assassin’s Creed/Prince of Persia marathon.

Thank you from our entire team!

28 thoughts on “TSG Community comes through in the clutch”

  1. Every time I think that this community can’t amaze me anymore…they DO. Every. Time. You guys really are the best. Congratulations TSG (and ACT Today, of course) for this amazing win.

  2. Nice job to everyone! This summer so far we’ve raised 70k for ACT Today including the Mario Marathon. I’ll tune into all of your marathons, even though I’m not too much into Prince of Persia. I never pay attention to the games due to the great commentary.

  3. I’m so happy to be part of such an awesome and caring community, and that we’ve managed to do so much to help so many amazing causes. Everyone is just awesorely awesore.

    *glomps everyone for being AWESORE*

  4. I am extremely happy to be part of such an incredible community that makes miracles like this happen. I am happy for both ACT today, and, of course, the Awesome Speed Gamers! GREAT JOB!

  5. It’s great that we could do that !

    I would like to ask if at one point if you could help any charities that have to do with cerebral palsy, for my brother has it. And would love for you guys to help any foundations that have to do with it. I would also really be grateful if you did.

    I also think there is a foundation for a school called Maryland School for the Blind, that helps with every special need. Just to let you know. (:


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