19 thoughts on “Vlog 7-28-10 “7-28-10 Justin.TV, Prizes and Double Rainbows!””

  1. I understand about the whole Ustream problem. I hope everything works out.
    I don’t know a thing about either game series but I am still excited about the upcoming marathon.
    Yay to cow and Ruju for the epic prizes!
    I laughed so hard at Tyler T and Rob at the end. “It’s a real rainbow!”
    lol ^_^

  2. Interesting vblog o.o and those prizes look awesome maybe this is the marathon where I can win something .__. also that double rainbow was funny cause there was this commercial about it from that one show adventure time lol xD

  3. Yay. I love being a test rat XD
    Those prizes look cool! So much! This is the one benefit I can think of when it comes to video games coming to movies.. MERCH!
    I almost got worried that I got the same prize I wanted to send in but I dodged a bullet.. ^_^

  4. 1. Justin Tv….. son of A- oh wait we get to keep our ustream chat, yay :D. You guys pulled a toonami aftermath, cool.
    2. Awesome prizes, I love you Ruju and Cow, you two are too awesome.
    3. Gosh darn double rainbow craze -_-.
    4. Ooh Britt, just be careful about setting your video quality too high. Some computers (like mine) can’t take that so well. Justin Tv offers a stream smoothing option but it has to adjust and doesn’t always work, and then you have to tinker with it and that gets complicated. >.> So just be careful with stream quality. Other than that, this sounds awesome.
    5. Can’t wait for the next marathon.

  5. Yeah, I did not see a single rainbow. It must have been very low contrast.
    Well, anyhow, Good Luck guys, I know you’ll work things out eventually.
    I’ll be looking forward to August 20th!

  6. Lol Double Rainbow?!
    Thanks again Cow and Ruju you two are the central core of awesomeness ^_^
    Oh and I hope everything works out for you guys with streaming and all, sucks Ustream has to be a ****** ๐Ÿ˜ Well lets hope everything works out tonight ^^

  7. I don’t mind you switching to Justin tv. It does seem like a pretty smart move with those annoying ads. I was trying to watch a friends stream but those ads ate my computer, and my computer is pretty good.

    Oh yeah, and since your using flash media encoder, I can highly recommend “Virtual Audio Cable” witch is a software based sound mixer. It’s how I stream when I do, I found a way to get skype calls, game audio and my commentary all into one stream! It also allows the skype calls to be heard just a well at the commentator and the game audio. Just thought I’d tell you since you seem to have Toast and Ana commentate during the marathons through skype. Just thought I’d tell you about it. It’s a 40$ program also.

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