11 thoughts on “8-4-10 “Community Marathons Galore””

  1. Awesome job everyone involved with Yuso and co. And I wish good luck to the week long Final Fantasy Marathon. Im sure you guys will do great. And again awesome vlog Britt.

    Oh and for a suggestion for different video clips throughout the day? Maybe show some clips of what your work is like? I think that be pretty cool to see what you do day to day.

  2. Yuso and Co. Marathon went awesome sauce! Glad we also raised a lot and had much fun. FF is going amazing too! ^^

    As for Vlog suggestions, perhaps other places around the house, or maybe backyard? :O But I do suggest a lot more Skipper! :3

    I wouldnt want that giant awesome bg post to go to waste. 😉

  3. I think that your ideas to improve the Vlog are good ones Britt. I was only able to watch a little bit of the Yuso and Co marathon but it was still great from what I saw. Great job on the Pepsi ranks hopefully we can keep moving up.

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