Baltes and The FF XIV Beta!

*clears throat*


…That’s similar to the noise I made when I received my beta code for Final Fantasy XIV today.

something like that, yes, imagine the noises I am making now…as I wait 20 hours for the downloads to finish.

More updates to follow!!!


10 thoughts on “Baltes and The FF XIV Beta!”

  1. 11.4 kbps. Dude, my PHONE can do better than that. You know what makes it better? For the next 20 hours you can’t do crap on the internet, or this will take EVEN LONGER! I am so sorry for you suffering. I do laugh at your pain, but it’s the sympathy laugh of one who has been there.

    1. “NDA Lifted
      Square Enix posted an updated user agreement for those in the FFXIV beta stating that we are now allowed to post screenshots, but still not video. This means we should be able to post unedited screenshots of us playing Final Fantasy XIV. As we have time we’ll be updating our Beta Phase 3 gallery with new screenshots along with a notice on our front page saying that we’ve updated the gallery.

      Feel free to post your FFXIV screenshots on our forums now!”

      Source Article:
      Referenced User Agrrement:

        1. I know, its the same as FFXI. I don’t mind paying, but lots of people are like “PUMPED!” until they hear the price then they are like “THISGAMESSTOOOPIDDDD” at least thats what happened with FFXI lol. Then again, FFXI was quite the grind fest.

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