Blog looking for new writer!

For the moment we are looking for someone to fill the position of gaming news writer.

This will be a voluntary position, and seeing as we are a charity it would be unpaid. You will also have the opportunity to move up and write original content for the blog.

If you are interested, be sure to check out the requirements after the jump.

Duties include:
– Forming complete and understandable sentences.
– Informing our readers of the most recent gaming news.
– Citing sources.
– Understanding what a rumor is.

– Comfort with having your writing seen by thousands of people.
– Good concept of the English language.
– Ability to work well with others in a sometimes hectic work environment.

– Working experience with WordPress.
– Interest in gaming.
– Previous experience in writing original semi-professional pieces.

If you are interested please send us a sample of your work, as well as brief reason why you want the position, to

*UPDATE* – The deadline is Friday at Noon Eastern time.

Thank you!

28 thoughts on “Blog looking for new writer!”

    1. Oculin and Cosmoid are fine, we are just looking for an additional writer.

      As for the sample, we just want to see how you write. So you can either send us stuff you have previously written or write something you would write for the site.

      1. It’s alright local, we should tell them the truth.

        I lost my arms in a fatal accident while surfing the internet. Tis a shame, but only a small wall in the path of life.

        Local will be taking care of me until robotic arms are invented. *blushes* I get to be spoon fed by him :3c

  1. So basically you’re looking for people who write accurate synopses of the articles to which they will be linking. Also the ability to add “Rumor:” in front of a rumor post. Sounds as easy as Joey’s ratatta beating a weadle. Go for it ya’ll.

    1. Pretty much. I try to add some sort of opinion sometimes, but I got yelled at about that one time so I stopped doing it so often. Also. Maybe some extra stuff. Like the reviews I just started doing and Oculin’s Wut U Talkin Bouts.

          1. Well I think it’s okay express opinions, as long as they aren’t too inflammatory. I wonder if that guy ever read Kotaku…lol they are probably the most opinionated people ever.

        1. I know. I was asking well after the fact that his displeasure at not being included was stated. Like in TV shows were someone opens with an imporant question and the person they are asking just stares at them and says “I’m fine, thank you.” Then the first person backs up a bit and says “Sorry… How are you doing today?”

  2. I’d be interested, but I’m unsure of where I would find this fabled ‘gaming news’. Am I provided it? Do I hunt it down? Do others tip me off?

    I only find things out by coming here ;-;

    Eheh. Maybe it’s not for me. I’m a born procrastinator anyway.

  3. @PRKon
    It is a little bit of all 3, although not so much tips… for now at least.
    But yeah we will probably be keeping close contact so we can toss stories around to each other. We can also give you a few places that you can look for news.


    Yeah, we are looking for some one who can keep up with it on almost a daily basis. Me and Cosmoid are still trying to decide, but we think we are looking for at least 2 posts on most weekdays. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions like if you have something that comes up or say Tuesdays you can’t cause you work all day or something along those lines. And there are some days, usually the weekends, when news is just so slow we won’t need to do any posts at all.

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