Crysis 2 Gameplay Video Has Developers Talking About Stuff

One random note about Crysis 2 is that I think the jumping looks really funky, but that doesn’t mean its a bad game. Crysis 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC is a fairly textbook shooter, but it does it while looking very nice.

One thing that sets the Crysis seres apart is the power suit the main character wears with a variety of modes and abilities that players can take use of. After the jump, you can get a in-depth look from the developers behind Crysis 2 about the gameplay features and the actual levels themselves. You also get some nice eye candy.

(Via: CVG)

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  1. after LPing Crysis and loving every second of it…im kinda nervous that it takes place in a city, BUTT at the same time if they have the same open ended feel of the first 1 and its expansion/sequel/whatever it could be infiftly BETTER then the original.

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