Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light Pre-Order Bonuses

Square Enix is helping to guide gamers directly to their latest Final Fantasy product.  If you purchase the DS version of their latest RPG, Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light, each game will come with a cute poster that you can see after the jump.

If you preorder the game through Gamestop, they’ll throw in another adorable poster, a blown up image of the case design.  [Also viewable after the jump]

Finally, if you pre-order the game through Amazon, you net yourself $10 off your next Amazon purchase.    [Not viewable after the jump, but still cool!]

In-Case Poster Design [Comes with every game]

[Click to Enlarge]

Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus Poster

[Click to Enlarge]

Source:  Joystiq

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light Pre-Order Bonuses”

    1. If you want a good game to start with, I’d go with FF6 or FF4. They’re both classic FF games and have great EVERYTHING about them. Both really cheap too.

      1. FFVI isn’t really that cheap. The advance version is probably the most available one and it has an average cost of $50 or so!

        FFIV, on the other hand, really is cheap. I would definitely say it’s the best to start the series with.

    2. Any game in the series is fine to start with, barring obvious sequels/prequels (FFIV The After Years, FFX-2, FFVII Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, etc.)

      If you want a quick intro into the series, I would suggest the PSP version of Final Fantasy 1, or for an even more rudimentary introduction, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for SNES.

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