For All You Mega Man Fans

The first Mega Man online trailer has arrived. Everyone thought the Korean MMO being worked on by both Capcom and and Neowiz would be a pedestrian affair. Although from this trailer, the pair have something a little more epic planned. Although the trailer doesnt contain any gameplay, obviously, but this adult-orientated Mega Man animated feature type clip is amazing. Hardcore Mega Man fans will note both Mega Man and Mega Man X characters squaring off together.

Teaser trailer after the jump. I would advise watching it at least once.

(Source: Kotaku)

12 thoughts on “For All You Mega Man Fans”

    1. The whole premise of this game, as it seems, is what happens in the classic series to transition over the X series. From the looks of it, Wily started it all. At that point, I THINK Light and Wily have made X and Zero, but they won’t come around until the X series actually starts.

  1. I thought this was gonna be awesome, instead i feel indiferent. This isn’t a game this is an anime (that’d I’d like to see >.>) but nothing truly feels right about this, it just is adding to much or missing something, what that is I’m not sure. But, I’ll wait to see how this pans out like always before I rush to judge it anymore than I have.

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