Half-Minute Hero Sequel Drops Princess 30, Knight 30 and Evil Lord 30

Yesterday, Marvelous Entertainment announced that they are giving Half-Minute Hero fans a second helping of the PlayStation Portable exclusive. But if you were expecting any mode aside from Hero 30, you will be disappointed.

Half-Minute Hero’s sequel drops the three other modes available in the title in favor for a more in-depth Hero 30 mode with five full scenarios. Marvelous has announced details on two scenarios so far, each with their own different goals: Hero 30 Judgement has the hero trying to escape the gates of hell while fighting demons, while Hero 30 Revolution has players playing as a princess trying to escape curfew.

The title will have over 90 levels, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Players can make their own levels, play co-op missions, and more.

(Source: Siliconera)

6 thoughts on “Half-Minute Hero Sequel Drops Princess 30, Knight 30 and Evil Lord 30”

  1. I seriously can’t wait for this game to come out, if it ever does make its way overseas. Focusing on the best parts of the original game was a good move on the developer’s part.

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