Improved Medal of Honor Detailed

Well the Medal of Honor beta has come and gone, however the editing of the game has not yet ended. EA’s community boss, Matthew Pruitt, has announced that several improvements have been made, due to the feedback from the players of the beta. These improvements include:

Improved Hit Detection
The mechanics have been tightened, and the bullet registration will hit wherever it appears the bullet should hit. He went on to boast that it is so precise that you can have a bullet go between someone’s legs.

Weapon Pickups
Ammo boxes are no longer needed to resupply your ammo. Instead you can pick up a nearby dead friendly/enemy’s weapon and use that gun.

Support Actions Balanced
The support actions have been tweaked, and have become more difficult to achieve. They realize that getting hit by enemy rockets every 20 seconds is just not fun.

Unlocks Expanded and Balanced
Unlockables have been expanded and added to every gun, thus expanding on the possibilities for your weapons.

Crashes Fixed
The crashes that several experienced during the beta have been fixed, and other connectivity issues have been solved.

Graphics Improved
The graphics have been improved and now look even better than before.

Every weapon has been modified in some way or another, whether it be down the sight aiming, or the amount of damage the gun dishes out.

Pruitt also said:

“These changes and fixes are just the tip of the iceberg. As we move toward the game’s release, we continue to improve the game every single day.”

If you would like to report an issue you had with the Beta, you can leave your feedback at the game’s beta forums, here.

Source: CVG

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  1. I have preordered this game a while back. Wasn’t able to get into the beta cause gamestop was out of codes… figures. But I don’t think I’ll spend too much time online. Probably just play the campaign and some online till Black Ops comes out. Glad to know they made these updates.

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