Insomniac PS3 Announcement Coming Soon

Not too long ago Insomniac went multiplaform opening up new possibilities for them on the Xbox 360.  But that doesn’t mean there won’t be anymore exclusive PlayStation 3 content from the company.

The developer has teased that a PlayStation 3 exclusive title will be revealed some times during PAX. While we won’t be sure until September 3rd, 4th or 5th, speculation if floating around that the title will be Resistance 3.

The first sign we saw of Resistance 3 is from a billboard that will be appearing in the movie Battle: Los Angeles which is due out in 2011. If the title is announced at PAX, there is a good chance it would see release in 2011.

(Source: 1UP)

One thought on “Insomniac PS3 Announcement Coming Soon”

  1. Insomniac is still an exclusive company to ps3. The only game going to 360 is made by Insomniac but published by EA. So it is the only Xbox 360 title insomniac has on the 360. I don’t consider it a multiplat creator.

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