Kinect Detects While Players Are Standing, Sitting and More

At E3, we pretty much only saw Kinect being played while standing up. Rumors started circulating that Kinect couldn’t accurately read player’s movements if they were sitting down or relaxing on the sofa. According to Kinect’s creative chief Kudo Tsunoda, that’s entirely not true.

Stuff on Xbox Live where you’re watching movies, or listening to music, or watching TV: obviously, those are things that you want to be doing sitting down. I don’t think anyone wants to be, ‘Hey look. I invented standing up TV.’ That’s not really the most awesome thing, right? That’s stuff that already works with Kinect. Sitting totally works, standing totally works.

While that would probably be enough for most titles, according to Kudo, it can go even farther than just sitting or standing. “You can even see with what we showed at E3 with Kinectimals; the little girl could actually lie down on the ground to do stuff with her animals. It’s not just standing and sitting. Anything from jumping, to standing, to sitting, to laying down on the ground: it all works.

Most of the actual games for Kinect seemed to be more suited to players actually standing. But with using Kinect as a way to navigate your Xbox 360 and all its features, it would have been a bit of a disaster if we had to stand every time to give an action.

We will have to wait for more titles that are played while sitting to see if it “totally” works.

(Source: VG247)

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