Mass Effect 2 Heading to PlayStation 3

Does Mass Effect 2’s X-box 360/PC exclusivity bother you? Don’t have a 360 or a good enough PC to run Mass Effect 2? Well, BioWare has the solution for you. Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3.

The title is set to launch in 2011, and will come with “hours” of bonus content. Exactly what that content is has yet to be specified.

Unfortunately, the original probably won’t see release on the PlayStation 3, probably due to the fact the original Mass Effect was published by Microsoft. PlayStation 3 users might have to read up on the story of the first game, although I’m sure the title will have some kind of log or something that will get you up to speed with the story.

BioWare also released a trailer for the announcement of the PlayStation 3 version. As usual, you can check that out right after the jump.

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