MOAR Starcraft 2!

Hey guys here is some more online 2v2 StarCraft 2 gameplay. I know I uploaded it on the 1st but I am just now making the video public. I did this because I wanted to make sure everyone watched the Assassins Creed trailer and didn’t get distracted with this SC2 video. This game went a little better than the last one I posted =) Please leave comments with feedback about what you did and didnt like about this video because I do read all the comments. Thanks and enjoy!

Video after the break

7 thoughts on “MOAR Starcraft 2!”

  1. “We all know who was Number 1 in our hearts.”
    Yes. Yes we do. The guy who reminded Chase of his build order. 😀

    So are we going to be watching you guys grind your way up the ladder ranks AND recover your skills? That’s kind of cool.

  2. Idra I think moved to Korea. He’s not Korean. WhiteRa is Ukraine. The Little One is Germany? Realizing the game is region locked so you’ll never encounter them… priceless. (Blizzard may change that in the future)

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