NBA Jam HD Confirmed As A Downloadable Extra

The NBA Jam for Xbox 360 and PS3 that we have been seeing rated so often is actually a smaller version of the game only available with new copies of NBA Elite. If you really want to play NBA Jam with HD visuals a sixty dollar copy of the next top tier basketball game is your only choice.

EA is quoted as saying “We feel like ‘NBA Elite 11’ is a great product and we want people to give it a chance and see all the changes we’re making.” … “the only way to play ‘Jam’ on the 360 and PS3 is by picking up ‘Elite’ ” … ” We’re not selling ‘Jam’ on PSN or Xbox Live. If you still want the full product, the full experience is on the Wii, but if you pick up ‘Elite’, you’re still getting a good taste of it, especially with the inclusion of online play. It seems they are much more concerned with the sales of NBA Elite then providing us with an HD NBA Jam title. Still while it is easy to be cynical at least we are getting one as this game is supposed to be a Wii exclusive.

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