New Sonic Colors Trailer

Sonic Colors is the newest game in the Sonic franchise and promises to be a return to form as all the previous entries have. The gameplay in the trailer looks to be a combination of Sonic Adventure and the Classic Sidescrolling of the original games. The trailer also feature an song that lives up the lyrical Sonic themes legacy. The games are to be released in on November 12th in Europe and November 16th in North America

Check out the trailer after the jump.

6 thoughts on “New Sonic Colors Trailer”

  1. Huh, Wii and DS only? I was hoping for a PS3 release. Oh well.

    Nice to see something that looks like it takes the best of Adventure and the original 2D games without getting caught up in all the weird overly-complex non-Sonic crap of everything that came later.

  2. That looks nice, though I get the impression that they’re leaning VERY heavily on Sonic Unleashed’s style.

    Those daytime levels were quite nice, I’ll admit, but I do hope they tone down the speed a bit. You needed to be a bloody psychic to avoid obstacles the first time ’round in many cases.

    I agree they should be about speed, but they should be about speed-based platforming. I.e. fastpaced, but not breakneck. šŸ˜›

  3. I want to know why Tails is shown following Sonic in all the cinematic sequences but is no where in the game. Is this just a ploy to appeal to nostalgia but then you get the game and are sorely disappointed that the game didn’t live up to the feeling of nostalgia that the marketing implied?

    Side scrolling is nice, but in my experience, games that try to mix fully 3D control with sidescrolling don’t usually do so well (although I suppose SMG2 would stand against that sentiment). For example, in Sonic Unleashed, the sidescrolling was too short, had little to no enemies, and platforming was almost non existent. I just hope they don’t try to sell this game based on the sidescrolling as a major factor like they did with Sonic Unleashed unless it’s actually a significant portion of the game.

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