Newest PS3 firmware cracked

I’ve been hearing reports (from Ninboycl) of this magical USB stick called the PS Jailbreak that you plug into your PS3, install, and then you can play backups. When you’re done just power down the console, unplug the dongle, and go on your merry way. Obviously we here at TheSpeedGamers are all about legitimate backups though, just thought I should mention that.

Anyway specs and stuff after the jump


  • PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal in tact.
  • Easy to use installer and GUI takes you step by step.
  • Compatible with all production models FAT and SLIM. Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
  • PS Jailbreak disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
  • Supports all games (it does not allow backups of bluray movies , dvd movies , or past consoles games)
  • Backup games to your internal hard drive or external hard drive through USB, and boot directly off GUI. Eliminating the need for expensive blueray burners and costly blank media.
  • Play backups off your hard drives 2x as fast as off the blueray drive. This eliminates lags and glitches to provide you with smoother game play.
  • Open up your console to a new generation of homebrew applications. Load homebrew apps/games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.
  • Fully updatable with new features/updates by connecting PS Jailbreak to any computers USB port.



I’m not going to post a link of where to buy this for various reasons, mainly because of this:

“Official reseller list will be on their site in the next 48 hours. You can pre-order from any of the official resellers. There are websites out there now claiming to be selling but they are not legitimate. Don’t get ripped off. Wait until the official list is posted.”

But if you want to I’m sure you can find a reseller through the source link.

(Source: PSX Scene)

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  1. You know, it may have bound to happen, but I’m not terribly happy to see something like this emerge. While this, as you said, could be used to run legitimate backups, the vast majority of people aren’t going to do that. I sincerely hope Sony finds a way to plug this hole really quick before it gets out of hand.

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