Next Tales of game concept art released

The next Tales of game (not Tales of Unitia as many people thought it was called) will mark the 15th anniversary of the Tales of studio and will be a PS3 exclusive. Details of the game are scarce however earlier today, some new concept art has been released showing some of the various areas in the game. The style of the game seems to be darker than previous entries in the series, probably going for more of a Vesperia look with a very open world though I’ll let you be the judges of that. Concept art shown after the jump.

Source: Siliconera

8 thoughts on “Next Tales of game concept art released”

  1. *waits for massive hordes of Tales of fans to get here*

    I’m not a Tales of fan myself, but I do like concept art, and this art is lookin’ pretty good. I especially like the second one.

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