Nomura “Definitely” Wants to Create a The World Ends with You Sequel

While The World Ends with You didn’t blow the top off sales charts, the game was critically praised as being one of the best titles ever to hit the Nintendo DS. And while we don’t know how Square-Enix as a whole feels about a sequel, we do know that Square-Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura is interested in a producing one.

I’m really happy that the game was so well received in North America,” Nomura said in an interview with Nintendo Power, “I definitely want to make a sequel. I’m very busy working on other titles right now, but when the time is right, I would love to make another installment of The World Ends with You.

I actually was just thinking about how good this game was the other day, and was listening to its amazing soundtrack. If you are looking for a DS title from Square-Enix that isn’t just another sequel or spin-off, definitely check out The World Ends with You.

(Via: Nintendo Everything)

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  1. I got this game the other day. I haven’t played it much, I think I’m on Day 3 or 4, but it’s definitely a real good game. Easily on my top 3 games.

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