Reaching out to Pirates

Sad news to gamers out there that download and played the leaked Halo Reach.  Microsoft is not amused and is taking names.  All names, actually.  Any gamer that is found to have a pirated copy of Halo Reach is having their Xbox Live tags and account banned from the network.  After the jump, take a look at the letter Microsoft is sending out to players unfortunate enough to have received the wrath of the all mighty Microsoft.


[Note:  This is a letter recieved by an Xbox 360 user named Jtagged 360 from the source linked below, which is a full text that MS sent out confirming the account suspension.]

Notification of Permanent Suspension: Prerelease title play

This email is to notify you that your Xbox LIVE account privileges have been permanently suspended due to illegitimate prerelease title play.

Your conduct was brought to the attention of the LIVE Enforcement Team through the course of our operation of the service. The LIVE Enforcement Team has reviewed the evidence regarding this conduct and determined it violates the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and/or Code of Conduct. Because your conduct is in violation, the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team has issued a permanent suspension.

During your suspension, you will not be able to log into Xbox LIVE. Your Xbox LIVE privileges will not be reinstated.

Customer Support is not able to modify or provide any further details about your suspension.

Microsoft expects that all customers abide by the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for appropriate behavior while using the service.

You can view the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct from the Xbox LIVE Dashboard under Xbox LIVE Policies in Account Management, or by visiting can view the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use by visiting

Note: if you are not a user of Xbox LIVE, this suspension may have been enacted due to your activity in the Zune Social. You can view the Zune Social Code of Conduct by visiting You can view the Zune Social Terms of Service by visiting

Thank you,
LIVE Enforcement Team

[Author’s Note:  Well, I can’t say I feel sorry for them, but I feel that perhaps a permanent ban is a little harsh.  Then again, as a business major, I understand the need for intellectual property to be protected.  If gamers could pirate anything in the world and there be no punishment for it, the gaming industry itself would fall upon itself faster than Sonic going through Emerald Zones.  In the end, this won’t end piracy completely, and will probably shove gamers into the PS3.  It always goes so well when Microsoft drives users to Sony, doesn’t it?]

Source:  MaxConsole

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