Rumor: Week Long Fall Conference for Nintendo

GoNintendo received a couple of tips saying that Nintendo would be holding its usual fall conference. But one odd detail is that it would last a full week.

Seems like an unlikely set up for just one company, but Nintendo definitely has lots to show. We still don’t know all the details on the Nintendo 3DS, and Japan announced that they will be spilling the beans on release info soon.

On Wii side, of course there is your typical software announcements (oh god, Xenoblade please) along with the Vitality Sensor, which Nintendo has still yet to show off.

And last, but not least, there is plenty of life left in the Nintendo DS.

If you include third party support, it could be a pretty big show.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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    1. Well, we already know that they’ll be announcing that along with a release date on September 29th. So don’t worry, we’ll be hearing soon. 🙂

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