Sad News For PSP Go Owners

If you are one of the people who traded your PSP for a stylish PSP Go last year you won’t be getting to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Well not in the near future anyway.

The latest game in the Kingdom Hearts series is set for release for UMD next month but the rumours have been confirmed by Square Enix that it wont be released on the Playstation Network – the only way PSP Go owners could play it. Although Square Enix only said, “currently no plans” so on the brightside that could change in the future.

Since the PSP Go was introduced nearly a year ago, pretty much every title has been released on PSN so this is kinda disappointing, although maybe this is the start of companies accepting that PSP Go is a failed experiment..?

(Source: Kotaku)

3 thoughts on “Sad News For PSP Go Owners”

  1. No offense but isn’t this old news? I thought they mentioned this a long time ago. I guess it is okay to bring it back up since birth by sleep is coming out soon.

  2. Fail experiment? Bah! I love my Go, the system is just so nice to have whenever you are out and about. No more need for carrying a bunch of UMDS. I think those things are a bit large for handheld game cartridges.

    1. I prefer my phat with its 32 gb memory stick duo – I ripped all the iso’s from my UMD’s and copied them to my memory stick, so no carrying around UMD’s for me either. The only problem I face is “fixing” my iso’s since CFW updates are almost non-existant now.

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