SEGA Registers “” Domain

Oh, what could it be? Probably Valkyria Chronicles 3,  especially since links to Valkyria Chronicles 2’s website. While this is no confirmation, it definitely shows that SEGA is, at the very least, interested in doing a third title.

The real question here is, what platform it will appear on. The franchise switched from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation Portable with its second entry, although that move didn’t seem to be well accepted by a lot of fans. Despite this, it seems the title still performed fairly well in Japan.

We will have to see how well Valkyria Chronicles 2 performs in the Western regions when the title launches on August 31st in North America  and September 3rd in Europe.


(Source: Siliconera)

One thought on “SEGA Registers “” Domain”

  1. I think Vyse is the guy that always got killed on like my first mission. XD [Kidding! Never head of the Skies of Arcadia though…]

    Meanwhile, I still need to pick up Valkryia II. All my time and energy the last month has gone into last generation games that I missed because of silly things like not having a job.

    But the prospect of Valkryia III is so much fun. 😀

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