Shrinking the Gamer’s Head : Battling Addiction?

South Korean psychiatrists recently discovered that a popular anti-depressant seems to have a somewhat odd effect on gamers, in that it helps “cure” them of their “addiction” to Starcraft.

The drug, known as Bupropion [aka: Welbutrin ] was recently used in a study to confirm or deny the allegation that it was able to curb the “urges” to play Starcraft.  Total gaming time was down by 35.4 percent, whilst gamers reported a 23.6 percent reduction in cravings.  Psychiatrists were elated at the results, and gladly pronounced the study a success.

The study originally began as a means of helping combat South Korea’s population, which had a whopping two million of its residents addicted to the Internet and online gaming.  The addiction going as far as to causing divorces between married couples, and general unrest in family and social life.

Alongside curbing the urge to “Zerg it up”, the antidepressant was also reported as a means of assisting smokers addicted to cigarettes.

Although, the release of Starcraft II, the very existence of the World of Warcraft and its ever expanding empire will probably ruin hundreds of thousands of research dollars.  Way to go Blizzard.  Way to go.

[Author’s Note:  Do not, under any circumstances, treat this as medical advice that you should take. TSG, myself, and the sourced website are not doctors, are not psychiatrists, and have zero desire for you to try/attempt this drug to cure any addictions you feel you may have.  All medications have side effects that can be potentially dangerous to your health.   If you feel you have a problem, please consult a doctor/psychiatrist and not a random blogger.  Please and thank you.  :D]

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  1. Blizzard, currently a gaming company, later the creator of a new type of warfare.

    I’m suprised at the results the medical research, still it can be quite a problem.

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