Square-Enix Announces Xbox 360 Exclusive Gun Loco

Square-Enix seems to be announcing shooters left and right in the last couple of years. This time around, Square-Enix has announced an Xbocx 360 exclusive titled  Gun Loco set for 2011.

Gun Loco is an action third person shooter set on a remote prison planet. The universe’s craziest crimminals have to fight not only to escape, but for survival and power.

Every character has their own arsenal of weapons and exclusive kill move and taunts. All of these characters were designed by Kenny Wong, founder of the company toy making company Brothersfree.

The title will support both singleplayer campaign and 12 player online multiplayer with a variety of modes.

You can check out the set of announcement screens after the jump.

(Source: CVG)

(Images Via: INCgamers)

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