Square-Enix Teases Game Reveal for this Week

With E3, Gamescom, and Tokyo Game Show back to back, publishers tend to be pretty quiet in between each show. Tokyo Game Show won’t be starting for a few more weeks, but Square-Enix’s Franko Fonseca confirmed on his Twitter account that an announcement will be hitting this week.

Fronseca didn’t give any hints, so it could be anything.

A recent opening popped up on Square-Enix’s Japanese SaGa website for a new title, but there is a good chance that this is unrelated to the announcement. The last SaGa title released remained  a Japanese exclusive title on DS, and Fonseca is from the US branch of Square-Enix. While its not impossible, I wouldn’t hold your breathe.

For now we will just have to sit back and relax until Square-Enix decides to open its mouth.

I’m calling it, The Bouncer 2. You know you want it… it could use Kinect and Move… think about it.

(Tease Via: GoNintendo)
(SaGa Listing: Siliconera)

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  1. More company reaching into the back catalog. Example: Lost Planet 2. The problem with the back catalog is it has a smaller following, and often smaller sales. They need to look at their team and make something new. The PS1 era shouldn’t be the end all of game ideas for Square. We’ll see how this venture turns out. Hopefully they are bold enough to gamble on something unique.

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